Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And to remain random...

This morning I pictured Doctor Who as played by Peter Dinklage. Admit it, Whovians, now you can picture that. (Remember, he can do the accent...)

On the little bit of fiction I just posted, I actually looked up to see whether or not Taco Bell has a Paris, France location. No, it doesn't. Paris, Tennessee doesn't count.

My latest blood donation, yesterday midday, went fine, and was followed by good food at Russell Street Bar-B-Q. Give blood, get BBQ. Good trade.

I can say awful, awful things even about what I'm fond of. Got reminded of that watching, and snarking on, Return of the Jedi (the once-again-revised version on Blu Ray) with friends last night.

Time to get used again to rain and cold. And to remind myself that my first winter in Oregon, 1992-93, was especially wet even by Northwest Oregon standards, and I got through that. But I considered not going out last night because it was getting wet and cold. I'm glad I still did.

I find that when I say or write "That is all," I wonder if that really will be the last thing to ever say or write.

Finally (for now), on MTV's New Year's 1987 special, "Weird Al" Yankovic did his Robert Palmer parody "Addicted to Spuds":

Tags: blood, peregrinations

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