Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The focus of deadlines

Work's been busy. One of our "books" -- the proposals a construction company sends out to companies and agencies who want to hire a construction contractor, saying Here's why you should hire us to build it! -- got completed relatively quickly; we did the bulk of the work compiling it in just over a week. Trust me, that's fairly fast. It's usually more like two-and-a-half to four weeks, round numbers, though that's with other books in the pipeline at staggered deadlines. Once it was written (thanks to recent addition Joseph), proofed (thanks to several of us in Marketing, including me and my proofreading skills), and compiled, I delivered the books to the potential client. This meant an hour-and-a-half, one way, on the road. Again, I can't say which direction; all I'll say was that the drive was dry until I got back to Portland late in the 1:00 hour, and that was my big concern. (That and not falling asleep, which I did just fine at, thank everything.)

A small pleasure: I made sure to take a company car that has a tape deck. Thus, I brought tapes: the scores to The Rocketeer (1991, James Horner) and Last Action Hero (1993, Michael Kamen). First time this music has ever been played in that car!

Before and after the driving, I worked on a story-related project. Typed up someone's hand-written notes about details of their life. Twenty pages of handwritten notes on small looseleaf paper and I only had to flag one word I wasn't sure about. Very glad I could read it. And the stories? Neat ones. I also started an editing job related to what I typed up (can I be even more vague? "I did something, then that thing..."), and I'll re-tackle that tomorrow morning, probably finishing it.

And all of this happened quickly. Fast proofing, fast typing, (legally) fast driving. I wonder if I was sweating while typing. Certain stuff has to get done by certain times, and I've handled plenty of deadlines before. And today, I handled them well. I'm allowed to feel good about that.
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