Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Catch up...

Anything to say about what I did this weekend? Maybe not, I'm tired, but I can say what I did this weekend.

Commentary shall be sparse:

  • Friday night, I was very, VERY impressed by the 1982 John Carpenter version of The Thing. I had never seen it before. Rare case of a Cort and Fatboy-hosted Midnight Movie being something I'd never seen. Most of the audience had never seen it on the big screen; a lot of others had never seen the film before at all. But: wow. God, when Carpenter's good, he's good.

  • I got to two days of Wordstock, the book fest that's been held at the Oregon Convention Center since 2005. My friend David Walker not only did his first public reading from his first novel, Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, he also led a workshop on his advice for how to write for teenage boys, an audience he wants to see much, much better served.

  • Thoughts from Wordstock: a lot of authors need more practice reading their books aloud. (David? He does it well.) Dialogue is tough to write well. Also? A lot of hot women are readers who were at Wordstock. Also, [note to myself about writing that I need just to tell myself, not tell anyone else]

  • Social time Saturday night! At a bar! Local podcaster and neat person Sarah X. Dylan -- former co-host of The Rick Emerson Show and now co-host of both the podcast Funemployment Radio with Greg Nibler and the Portland sports video podcast Sportlandia -- had a birthday party at the Landmark Saloon, at SE 49th and Division. I and many others were there and were happy.

  • Finally, and randomly? These were my two favorite clips of the pre-film clip show Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts showed in front of The Thing:

    The very-very-Eighties grooves of the Coupe de Villes, John Carpenter's band that did the title song to Big Trouble in Little China:

    And remember Wilford Brimley talking about diabetes? Listen to it as a rap:

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