Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Play up and win the game! At Ground Kontrol tonight! It matters not how you use controls...

"...but that you can fake-fight!"+

Life seems more like a game when you (and by "you," I mean "me") have been playing arcade games at Ground Kontrol for an hour-and-a-half, have a beer in you, and need to run to make a bus. Time those jumps! Make sure you jump from the street to the sidewalk and not into a wall! Don't drop your book! (Except you rarely drop things in video games, so why was I worried about that? Oh, because LIFE IS NOT A GAME.) Don't get distracted by the tinny 8-bit music! (Oh, good, life doesn't have that, either.)

For those scoring at home, or pretending to score because you're pretending life is a game, I made the #17 bus and got home, and before that, for probably the first time, made the top 10 in the Star Wars arcade game from 1983. I made the top 10 a few times, even, though my highest score was 1/16th the point total of the current #1 that, I hear, not even Bobby Roberts has attained. Also visited my friend Mary-Suzanne, who was up for talking and doing so enthusiastically. She was also nice enough to give me beer. (I'd say "ply me with beer," but she's gladly married.)

I'm not usually social on Sunday nights, since Mondays are long, busy days and I can't be getting home at 11:38 p.m. before that, but this free play event fit my schedule, and woo hoo for this.

I'll close with some footage of the Star Wars game, because it's a fun game:

+ Tune is from "Play Up and Win the Game," composed by Michael Kamen and Eric Idle for one of my favorite movies ever, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The icon above this is from it, too.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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