Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Uprise Books Project: Books to Fight Poverty! AND Censorship!

Books. I like them. Chances are you do, too. Want to help teenagers have a chance to like them more, too? And support banned, censored, and challenged books in the process?

Look at the Uprise Books Project, which is running a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter:

When we're through, kids throughout the country will be able to use the site to browse through a selection of books that have been banned and/or challenged somewhere in the United States and add the ones that interest them to their personal Wish Lists. As long as they're between the ages of 13 and 18 and meet the income requirements, we'll do our best to fulfill their requests.

At the same time, folks concerned about little things like poverty, literacy and censorship will be able to search through some basic demographic data to find books they'd like to sponsor. For example, donors could contribute towards requests for particular banned books that touched them when they were younger, or books that were challenged because of specific content (racism, homosexuality, etc.). Others might be interested in requests from specific states. Doesn't matter. We'll make it easy to give in a ways that are meaningful to them.

OK, for the first time, I've pledged to a Kickstarter campaign. And it's a true pledge: you only get charged for it if the campaign hits its goal. Uprise Books Project's target is $10,000 raised (a percentage of which will go to Kickstarter and to, due Tuesday, Nov. 1st. Currently the campaign is at 135 backers who have pledged $4,630. $30 of that is mine. You can choose rewards for certain pledge levels: bookmarks, special prints, a mention on the eventual Uprise Books website, books . I chose "No reward," because I do not need More Schtuff, but maybe one of the rewards floats your boat.

This has gotten the attention of authors Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk. I hope it can get your attention, too.

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