Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Overcome costume inertia!

In the 1993 movie Philadelphia, Denzel Washington's attorney character is invited to a costume party hosted by his dying client played by Tom Hanks. The attorney, he doesn't do costume parties. What he does for this one is tape a bunch of law forms to one of his outfits. As he explains to people who see this then look at him with question marks, "Get it? I'm a law suit."

Left to my own devices for costume parties, like those happening for this Halloween weekend, I'd probably come up with something like that. And by "like that" I mean "lame."

I'll be at one such party tonight in what I hope works as a costume. But here's what I considered doing:

At a Geek Trivia several months ago, my team won prizes, among them two sculptures made by Dark Horse Comics called "Wolverton's Weirdos." One of them, on a whim, I gave as a gift to Brian Wood at Big-Ass Sandwiches, and he immediately liked it. What to do with the one I still had?

I considered finding a way to strap it to my midsection, have it poke its misshapen head out of a button-down short, and claim I was going as Total Recall's Kuato.

I also could've said "Kuato's plastic surgery went horribly wrong." (Which is also a six-word short story.)

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