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All hail meat

Thanks to everyone who suggested that if I wanted a special steak dinner, I should go to Laurelhurst Market, the repurposed quickie mart/combination restaurant and butcher shop on E. Burnside across from Music Millennium. Mom and Dad invited me to a special dinner -- to which I actually had to (sort of) resist suggesting Five Guys -- and I was in the mood for steak. And now steak is in me. This blog is just all full of surprises.

I need more bar experience. I keep not getting the proper volume for speaking in a loud enclosed space. (I...I was too loud at times and didn't realize it. Apparently people were looking at me.) Or maybe I just know a lot of loud people.

Anyway, definitely a treat and definitely not my regular place, but! The food went down well. And that was the big thing I wanted.

You're probably not surprised that I've written a song about meat. I did it as a happy birthday message for docbrite, with his Liquor characters Rickey and G-Man making a cameo, and the song was

All hail meat!
Thanks to chefs, you can eat it!
It can’t fail, meat
Because Rocky can beat it!
We’re all made of meat
So very well we should treat it!
Like the best of things, meat:
It tastes good when we heat it!
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