Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Needed books

Good news, everyone! Unless you don't like young people getting to read banned books, and if you're like that you're probably not reading this anyway...

Today, after a shaky morning where it had lost a full 5% of what was then the pledged amount, the Uprise Books project -- to make copies of banned and challenged books available to low-income teenagers and other young people with similarly lacking access to books -- is now 100%-plus funded. A Twitter push by, among others, Wil Wheaton helped put it over the top.

I know one of the people making Uprise Books happen, so I'm happy for Justin (hi, Justin!) and his team, and I feel good that I've finally been moved to donate to something via Kickstarter. I'd been aware of other projects that raised money that way, but I hadn't donated to them and, eventually, came to kind of wish I had. Donating is a good habit. I can spare it, at least sparingly. I used to be better about that. But that's my own money angst. I'm glad Uprise Books now has less money angst.

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