Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Two far...

On a Monday two years ago -- Nov. 2, 2009 -- I started at my current job. It followed what had been a difficult October and segued into what was a very up-and-down November, and after that first scrambling month, I was still there. I'm still there now. Beyond that, it's a good idea for me not to talk too much about the job. Confidentiality, for one big, big thing. But there's a milestone, and I wanted to mark it.

A few random notes:

  • Almost done with Leverage Season 1. Beyond enjoying the show, I want Joseph LoDuca and his orchestra to follow me around scoring my life.

  • Will I have a chance to buy discount Halloween candy after Halloween? Will it stay on the shelves more than one day? (Almost bought some at the supermarket after work tonight, where I was getting groceries. It was already at a discount. But will it get discounted more?)

  • I might like former President Bill Clinton as a former president than as a president. I voted for the guy, more than once; I also, more than once, have been deeply frustrated by the guy. Quick thought (whoa! I so rarely get political here) inspired by running into the big guy on C-SPAN tonight.

  • Reminds me: I have a cousin who's met Clinton when he was President, George W. Bush when he was president, and Fidel Castro when he was President. There are world leaders who haven't managed that trifecta. (No, he didn't meet them all at the same time. OR DID HE???)
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