Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

For this Gratuitous Icon Post, how about a shit-eatin' grin?

Now I express my fondness for Die Hard in icon form.

Trivia! I love that a friendship resulted from that movie. Composer Michael Kamen once admitted that when he saw a very rough early cut of Die Hard, with some scenes and a lot of special effects missing, he wasn't that impressed -- he generally wasn't a big fan of action movies, though he scored a lot of them ("some of which I love, and some of which I can appreciate as commerce," he once said) -- but he thought Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber was a phenomenal bad guy. After the film, Kamen and Rickman became friends. Later, Rickman was one of the people who spoke at Kamen's 2003 memorial. (Kamen had quality friends just in general. They included at least two members of Monty Python and at least two members of the Beatles.)

I'll see that shit-eatin' grin in the icon to the upper-left of this next month, as the Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie on Friday, Dec. 2nd will be Die Hard. I was lucky enough to see the film first-run in 1988, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it that way again, this time (maybe) with beer! And before the film, the second C&F live show will take over the front of the Bagdad, with as many of the show's weekly guests as are available broadcasting from a table in front of the 650 people who'll be in the Bagdad Theater. Choice. The live show, by the way, will be called What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
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