Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Systematic removal

Oh, yeah: some stuff you have, you can get rid of for money. Maybe not much, but still.

And my CDs? Too many. This I've decided.

Me being me, I have to be systematic and start going through them. Listened to one particular disc this weekend and realized Oh: I'm not getting much out of this anymore. I don't need it. THIS IS TOUGH FOR ME TO REALIZE. What if I feel differently later? One soundtrack I've bought three times because I'd have it, then get rid of it, and then miss it, and I don't want that to happen this time, so: I'll be listening. Does this CD, then THAT CD, then THAT one, make me want to listen again? If not, it goes in a pile. This pile will grow. Probably slowly.

But it already includes a review copy of a soundtrack I reviewed for Film Score Monthly back in 1997. There was a bad TV adaptation of Robin Cook's Invasion that May. Don Davis scored it with synths, which meant a CD producer could afford to release a really long CD of it. I sort of reviewed his scoring work and the surrounding miniseries. Here's that review. Not one of Rockne O'Bannon's shinier moments, career-wise (he wrote the miniseries script), but he'd create Farscape soon after, so I can forgive him. Now. Anyway, there are some neat musical effects and some sort of amusing track titles ("The Thing From Another Garage," "Start the Chase Music," "The Mother Of All Motherships"), but really, there's no need for it to be on either of my crowded CD racks. To the pile it goes. And I know that because I listened to it again tonight. Yep, doesn't pass the keep test.

And since finishing that disc, I've been listening to the Pet Shop Boys' Actually, which very much does pass the keep test...
Tags: music

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