Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Be a good person. Makes it more likely people will be glad to see you.

It's been a night of quick encounters...and an almost-encounter...with people whom I like.

A couple I'm friends with, they're at the hospital. One being operated on and observed -- and even if I knew more details, I wouldn't say them -- one staying with the one who's been operated on and observed. For the sake of journaling convenience, I'll call him Pumpkin and her Honey Bunny (and there's an obscure but fantastic reason I'm using those names, but if I said why I'd really digress).

I've been in touch with Honey Bunny, thanks to Twitter and Facebook. So have many other people. Mutual friends of ours have been running errands and getting stuff for the two of them while they deal with this. I figured I might not be able to help with errands for them, but I could at least help with time. Talk is cheap, and if being there just to talk with Honey Bunny would help, I could try to do that.

And in the process of getting from downtown to the hospital, I ran into a local actor/performer I know who I haven't seen in months, and then I ran into one of my favorite former supervisors from a job I did years ago. Just randomly, on different Portland streets, at night. But both are people I smile at when I see them, and who smile when they see me. The actor/performer, David, I was able to visit with for about a minute; the supervisor I used to work for, Roman (pronounced ro-MAHN), I barely had time to talk to. She was standing near the very bus I needed to board to reach the hospital, and she was on the phone, but we had time to exchange quick words, including her inviting me to visit her new office soon. I'll do that gladly. I do that for only a few former supervisors.

Hospital: Reached. And remembering enough clues to know more or less where Pumpkin was being observed and Honey Bunny was staying with him, I found the entrance to the part of the hospital where they were. I called the phone that's set up for visitors, because the staff has to let you in; a staffer on the phone's other end told me someone was with the two of them and would come out to say hi. A woman did. I introduced myself to her, as a friend of Honey Bunny's and Pumpkin's going some years back -- maybe I made it sound like I'd been friends with them some years ago, which is a little different than I meant, but I was stumbling over my words -- and she let me know a little more of what had been going on. And that an important thing was happening right then with Pumpkin that Honey Bunny needed to concentrate on, so more visitors at that moment would be a bad idea. She let me know that Honey Bunny did appreciate that I'd come. I thanked her for that. The key thing with Pumpkin was the important thing, not me going Hey! I showed up! What a friend am I, huh?

So I headed out of the unit, hoping I'd see the two of them soon under less dramatic circumstances.

Then, for the first time in years, I had hospital food, because having dinner then instead of after I'd gotten home made sense. Plus, this hospital? Is the one I worked at. And I always thought it had decent food. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny likely have their own thoughts, but I've never actually been a patient there; my experience is different.

So, again: get to "less dramatic," you two. Hope to see you soon.

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