Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dec. 4th, 2011. Yes it is.

Because some Russians don't like the way an election's been going, I haven't been able to post to LiveJournal. I've barely been able to read LiveJournal. But life goes on, as Paul sang (adding "Ob la de, ob la da" for some reason), so:

  • Still working. Almost worked yesterday. Wondering what the office is going to be like tomorrow.

  • Got needed hugs Friday night at the Cort and Fatboy live-show/screening of Die Hard. It was a day that needed hugs to take the edge off of it. (Don't ask.)

  • Exhausted enough from Friday, for both good and frustrating reasons, that I barely got out of bed yesterday until past 11:00. (I got up long enough to go to the bathroom and to watch a bit of Leverage with the commentary on. But my morning was a morning of sleep.) And I later had dinner at Kettleman's Bagels because I wanted someone else to feed me.

  • Will get out more today and, I hope, see more humans. I'm showered, fortified with soup and apple juice, and needing to do outside-the-apartment stuff...
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