Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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Honesty is such a lonely word

I'm worried...

...that if I'm honest today, it will not help anything.

...that if I'm honest today, I will hurt people I like.

...that if I'm honest today, I will make my situation worse.

...that if I'm honest today, I will get someone to bite my head off. And I wonder if that'd be literal.

Hi. I am in a cynical and not-useful mood at the moment. I'm also stressed; For the first time that I can remember, I slept such unsettled sleep last night that I pulled the fitted sheet and the comforter off of the mattress. (Mine, of course. Had I pulled the fitted sheet and comforter off of SOMEONE ELSE'S mattress, that would mean that at least I'd be getting laid and maybe handling this stress better.)

I have to get out of this mood. I hate feeling like this. I feel like I'm in an unfair situation, but I have to get past that and handle this well. That's on me. As would any damage I commit by handling this badly.

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