Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This past week, for tracking purposes

Huh. My mind, um, brain-farted. (The mind's had a lot on its mind, so to speak, so that's understandable.) I got my memories of what I've done when this week mixed up. I don't like feeling that way, so I'll straighten it out here.

On Sunday I got up to the hospital to see Dawn (coffeeinhell) and her husband, Patrick. Last week Patrick needed surgery, and since then has been recovering from it. He was still in the ICU that day; I sat with them and two friends of theirs for about an hour.

On Monday, which was a day off (as I found out late Sunday; badly-done foreshadowing, life), I ran errands via car. I went to Raleigh Hills and shopped at the Cat Adoption Team thrift store, which the neat Bobbie Winchell runs. I bought a lamp for my night stand, as the one I've had (maybe a 1970s model) is dying the death. I then drove around on the west side of the Portland area, where I don't usually go; I visited the Skyline Restaurant, near Forest Park, for the first time. Had a decent but not mind-blowing burger and a fairly ordinary milkshake, but hey, even an ordinary milkshake is good by me. Still, not blown away. Crossed into NE, and wound up at the Hollywood neighborhood Grocery Outlet. Cheaper food? I already knew that's a good idea! (Heh.)

Tuesday was a day. A stressful day. Even before I got fired near the end of the workday part of it. So it was a full workday with maddening news at the end of it. Took me forever to wind down to where I could try to sleep. Took two tries to do that. And for reasons unknown, I got earwormed on Don Henley's "Sunset Grill." It's a good song, but: huh?

When I woke up Wednesday, I was not rested. Lousy night's sleep. When I was reasonably with-it some time (long enough) after getting out of bed, I had some emails back-and-forth with certain people who I still like at the former office, so we can keep in touch. Went downtown, visited Lisa Wood at Big-Ass Sandwiches, and visited with fellow Geek Trivia players Danny, Mallory and Dmitri because they were visiting the cart at the same time. Did more walking: walking helps. Wound up staying downtown, mainly at the library, until the 5 o'clock hour, then crossed the river on the bus to a restaurant where Dawn and friends were meeting. Human contact was achieved. Exactly the right thing to do, and I'm glad it happened.

(Made me remember: I know more people in town now than in January 2004, when I got fired from the call center job where I'd been for three years. I have more of a local support network, as messages on LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter bore out. And another beyond being able to commiserate with people: at least one person I got to meet last night already suggested where I could submit an application. There are possibilities, and people rooting for me. I have ways to get help. Thank goodness I know that.)

Today -- Thursday, to keep up the pattern I'm using here -- was another day to take a breather. More walking and busing, but in warmer weather and with more sun, and the Vitamin D I got that way was a good additive. Plus I wanted to be out during a stretch from 10:00 to noon when the water in my apartment building was to be shut off. Later, after I got back from various other parts of SE Portland, I did three loads of laundry. Clothes need to get clean, even (and especially) when out of a job. There's also been reading and Leverage. And food. I still need to eat.

More to come. Because I'm still living.

(Okay, Fates, don't decide I'm going to have a heart attack two minutes after posting this. I'll want to tell people how Friday went!)

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