Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fuller disclosure:

I inadvertently lied.

Geek Trivia (see the questions here) was fun again, when I went last night after a break (I'd last gone on November 1st). Didn't play, but I enjoyed it as a spectator event. I also was in "let's say hi to as many people as possible" mode, so I floated around a lot..., that's not the lie, that's metaphorical language. If I'd floated, certain rules of the universe would've been all "WHAT????!" But I digress...

...I visited (you're welcome, Literal People) with a bunch of friends and acquaintances. And during that, I thought I recognized someone I've gotten to know through Geek Trivia, specifically Dark Horse editor Rachel Edidin. We've had some in-person and online dealings, and she's editing Caitlin R. Kiernan's first comic book in years. So her work is Relevant To My Interests (Edidin also edits the gloriously insane Axe Cop comic) and I've been hoping to know her better. Maybe I was doing Wishful Seeing when I thought I saw her. Nope. It was local artist Kory Bing. Our conversation never got to a point where either of us realized I was wrong about who I was talking to. Ms. Bing simply assumed at first that she and I had met and she was just forgetting my name and face.

(I've done that. I was less good with faces and names back when I was a newspaper writer-reporter. I dealt with that by re-introducing myself when I had doubt: "Hi, we've probably met before, but if not, [extends hand] hi, I'm Chris Walsh.")

The inadvertent lie part was that I then mentioned to Caitlin on her blog (at greygirlbeast) that I'd seen Rachel Edidin. That maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay have prompted Rachel's Twitter update tonight "Whoever thought they said hi to me at #geektrivia last night: that was @korybing. We are both awesome, though, so I understand the mixup."

I resisted the urge to facepalm.

We straightened out who was who, at least enough. I even made a correction on Caitlin's blog, because I do try to correct my mistakes.

And here's something else I've decided: you know the phrase "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me"? I figure that more of the "ass" part is on the assume-er, not the assume-ee. Probably helps me behave (meaning not assume too much).

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