Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A smart-aleck is me, May 2001 Edition

Grandma Jean -- born Jean McConaghy, and temperamentally kind of the Leonard "Bones" McCoy of the family, not to mention possessing a pain tolerance that a wrestler would admire -- passed away in January 2004. Before that, the first big hit to Grandma Jean's health was a stroke that hit her in May 2001. Many of us in the family, including me, got together to be there for her, Grandpa Irv, and each other.

I saw Grandma Jean the next day, Tuesday, May 29th, 2001. Written in my day planner after I saw her: "She looks even smaller than she is." She'd seemed to shrink. That was part of what scared me about her stroke.

And I dealt with the scare by joking. Maybe with Grandma; but I know I joked other times because I wrote them down. When Shirley, the discharge specialist, suggested ways to get Grandma to a rehab center, I added "And there's always FedEx." Shirley chuckled, at least.

I hope I joked with Grandma Jean too, when I could.

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