Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Notes from work, Nov. 16th, 2001

What follows are notes from the period starting in February 2001 and ending in January 2004 when I was a customer service representative (CSR) at a Portland call center, adding minutes to AT&T long-distance phone cards.

People today:

  • An Army man based in Greenland.
  • A woman from Hines, Oregon [where my family members Uncle Bill Weare, Aunt Nancy Weare, and their sons Walter and Neil had once lived] -- "small town, we all know each other" -- who remembered Uncle Bill!
  • A woman stuck in Atlanta's Hartsfield because of a security breach and an evacuation. [I shared with her the line "If you're going to Hell, you'll have to change planes in Atlanta." She did laugh.]
  • A woman worked up over [technical] delays, and who I got on the phone twice. She remembered me, too. Annoyed and annoying: asks for an explanation, then doesn't let you give it. "You are avoiding my question!" she said.
  • Another CSR yesterday had an irate customer, mad about something, demanding to know where she was and (apparently) claiming she was lying, and that she'd go to... well, I heard the CSR say "Ma'am, I am NOT going to jail!"

    And you can't even blame a full moon for this. It's now.
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