Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yes, Chris...

...writing that entry? It probably helped you.

Posting that entry? It miiiiiiiiiiiiight not help you.

Something not posted yet. Maybe I'll finish and post it, maybe I won't, but it helped me work through a few more thoughts that needed working through. (Edit: Now it's deleted. Seemed best.)

So, hey, I'm here, about a quick update? One I will post.

I've been productive today. Got out before 8:00 to Fred Meyer to buy groceries, as I'd meant to last night but had treated myself to a performance of Live Wire Radio -- finally, I got to it! -- that let out too late for me to go shopping with the Freddy's coupons I had. I wanted to get shopping done early today, and I was able to. Also today I moved still more recyclable stuff out of my place and into recycling bins -- disposed of properly, so I can breathe better -- and while out on my errands I also saw that the Bagdad is showing A Very Harold and Kumar 3-D Christmas nightly at 8:20, and that might be another treat for myself this week, depending on how it goes. Here's to cheap treats. ("Why isn't it showing at 4:20?" even I thought, and I'm not a stoner at all. I can't be the only one.)

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