Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'll have a blue-skinned Christmas without you (brr)...

Warmth remains on my mind.

Not that anyone in the Southern Hemisphere had any say in it, but celebrating Christmas when it's warm? I could get behind that. (Got thinking of this because I saw an ad with a cute woman in a bikini on a warm beach, wearing a Santa cap. Which could be happening in many places.)

Has this been an especially not-warm year here? Feels like it. Summer only barely happened in Portland this year. Nothing like the pain time we had summer 2009, when it was about 105 degrees every day for a week, which is tough in a town where most homes don't have air conditioning because really, we don't need AC that much. But this summer and fall was not as warm as I'd hoped. I tried to get out into the warmth when I could, and really soak it up (and sweat it out, since I don't mind sweating). Really enjoy it. Really appreciate it. And be ready to remember it when the cold weather hits.

Now most of us in the U.S. and other mid-latitude Northern Hemisphere countries are in the cold weather -- and the first blizzards of the season are happening now in some places, and I sympathize with all of you getting hit by that -- and I feel cheated. I want more warmth! More light would be nice, too, but that'll happen eventually. (Here's to the Solstice, so we'll finally start getting longer days again. Yes I have to remind myself.)

One of these days I'll have a warm Christmas. I'd like one this year, but that won't happen.

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