Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Random Christmas morning thoughts

  • I'll appreciate when I stop having dreams related to the ex-job, please and thank you...

    (Yeah, I dreamed of the boss saying I still needed to fix a particular work thing, even after getting fired. Huh, Subconscious? Not being that Sub.)

  • I safely reached the folks' place, in Dundee where they've lived for 16 years now. (They found a good place and stuck with it.) I did manage to find a couple of gifts for them. They're also giving me the gift of being there for me, and giving me a little break from the potential drama of the work hunt.

  • Last night was my first time seeing The Sound of Music. Dad and I watched it on ABC, pausing the DVR for a bit to let more of the film build up in the DVR memory so we could fast-forward past more of the ads. (Our alternate viewing: the last half hour of The Hunt for Red October. Man, I still really like that film.) I'm glad I decided to give it a try, from the beginning; dipping into and out of the film would've been the wrong way to try to watch it, and I probably wouldn't have had the patience for it that way. I did need to reset my movie-watching attitude to a more "wait and see" attitude, as The Sound of Music takes its time. It helped to see that Ernest Lehman, who wrote North By Northwest, wrote its screenplay, and I already knew that Robert Wise, who knew what he was doing, had directed it. I'm not too experienced with Rodgers and Hammerstein, but I do like the heightened reality of musicals -- when you have a well-justified bursting-into-song, that can be a beautiful thing.

    I also had to not think too much about the story's pop-culture baggage; it deserves to be viewed on its own terms, not on the terms of all the references, parodies, and sing-alongs inspired by it. (But I did think about Douglas Adams's point that "La -- a note to follow So" sounds like a placeholder lyric that Rodgers and Hammerstein could never find a proper substitute for.) I liked the film's elegance, its sense of humor, and its gentle way of handling a few different love stories -- and, of course, the film looks great. West Side Story is still probably more My Thing when it comes to that era of musicals, but I'm glad I saw this.

  • A supervillain's holiday: "And so this is Christmas...and what have I done?"
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