Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The gift of warmth

A low-key Christmas; that was yesterday. My big present was a new set of flannel bed sheets, because warmth is good.

The food (for six of us Walshes) was tasty and impressive. Enough pork that we wondered if the piece of meat had been sewed together from multiple pigs. (The bones sticking out of the meat reminded me of an Alien alien.) An especially good sweet-and-savory stuffing. Dessert wine that I deliberately limited to one glass, because it was gooooooooooooood and I wanted to quit drinking it while it was still good. *grins* Snacks of roasted hazelnuts. Cider. Plenty of the tasty.

No drama, beyond football drama -- I liked how last night's Packers-Bears game stayed entertaining even after the Packers had cemented their win -- and the drama in John Scalzi's novel Old Man's War, which I read and finished over the weekend. OK, I'm looking forward to trying more of Scalzi's stuff!

And home, with a minimum of drama, though not a minimum of traffic. Still, I didn't have it too bad. And not only did I make it safely home, so did some of that pork and that cider.

On to other stuff! Merry day after Christmas...
Tags: sport!

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