Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Healthy since Sunday the 5th, for those scoring at home. (And if you’re scoring at home, congratulations! *) I can experience the world again, get back to my walks, hug people without passing on whatever Venusian Death Bug I had…I am really happy to be well.

I have more work now: 32 hours a week up at the hospital instead of 20. More chances to run around on Pill Hill and admire the view, especially in the morning. I worked the longer schedule last week, and felt I had truly earned the weekend. I visited Mom and Dad and delivered presents – late Christmas gifts – so they can pack them and take them to my nephews in Northern Virginia in a few days.

I thought I had more to say. I don’t. Oh, well, no biggie. More words later, maybe.

* joke shamelessly stolen from KINK-FM DJ Marlin Spear
Tags: work

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