Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Domestic Man is denied

I picked the wrong day to get on a cleaning kick.

I exaggerate. It's good that I dusted as much as I did. It's the wrong day only because I couldn't find the apartment building's vacuum cleaner...after getting gobs of stuff off the carpeted floor in preparation for that vacuuming! SO MUCH FLOOR. Which I know needs vacuuming. And I didn't want to go apartment to apartment asking "Do you have the vacuum?", so I hoped the guy who lives here and does the on-site maintenance when the landlord doesn't come here to do it would be around, because maybe he'd know (or be able to say if, perhaps, it's getting repaired or replaced). No sign of him, despite two people who should know assuring me that he'd be here "soon." They said that between about 5:00 and about 6:00. It's past 9:00 now, and so the moved-up stuff will have to go back on the floor, until I know -- know, know, know! -- that I have the correct tool for the job.

I really do want to be cleaner, really.

P.S. I'm not really Domestic Man. That title belongs to Orenthal "popfiend" Hawkins. He likes to say it and then sing a fanfare. This is among the many reasons I like popfiend.

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