Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Why, mind? Why?

There are times when having a sick mind kind of sucks.

I got thinking of 1982's Poltergeist, and how Jerry Goldsmith's theme that plays over the end credits does that disturbing distorted-voices thing to the girl chorus. (Listen to this, especially from the 3:15 mark.) That has creeped me out ALWAYS, which was exactly Goldsmith's goal. So because it got on my mind, I referred to it on Twitter as "Most disturbing use of a girl's chorus EVER. I hope."

The "I hope" was because my mind started to imagine the headline CHORAL LEADER ACCUSED OF ABUSING ENTIRE GIRLS' CHORUS. Yeah, that would be more disturbing. Also enraging and sad.

C'mon, Dirty Mind, you're usually so good at being a dirty mind in good ways. In fun ways. In ways that help you joke with your fellow sick people, and I say that fondly, y'all. But because my mind can go to Bad PlacesTM, sometimes it'll go to Bad Places that are actually bad. And sad and maybe horrific. It's part and parcel. I do my best to acknowledge that the bad, sick idea is bad and sick, and doesn't pass the At Least It'd Amuse Someone test, and go on to other thoughts that, I hope, are fun thoughts. Happier thoughts. Make me feel good again about having a sick mind, which I'd better be OK with, I've had a sic mind for decades.

I'm so glad that I can have bad thoughts without acting on them if they're really awful. Or as I thought to myself recently, I hope that never goes from being a bad idea to seeming like a good idea.

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