Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

*sings* "I need an office that won't drive me crazy..."

The last three offices I've worked at have been, to some extent, dysfunctional.

The hospital job (2004-2008) became that over time -- really about half of the time I was there. It took maybe a month into my job at the office of the dog show company where I worked for half of 2009 -- an office name I forgot until recently, like I'd blocked it -- to realize there were developing problems, almost all centered in one person above me who Didn't Like Me. It wasn't the dog owners who drove me nuts, as you may have expected from Best In Show -- and by the way, the people I met in that industry VOUCH for the truth behind that film -- but, again, one person. One person was enough to make it dysfunctional.

It took longer for me to see the issues in my most recent office (2009-2011). I was so relieved that I could be more relaxed in the construction company office, that I genuinely liked the people in it, and that it was a fascinating industry. I said this in my first month: "My last office was uncomfortably quiet. This one is comfortably quiet." This was especially important considering that for several outside-of-work reasons, the end of 2009 was tough.

And I made it work in that office. For a while. But it became harder. I'd ignored, for a while, the increasingly awkward position I had there. I'm going to continue to write maddeningly vaguely about this; I think pointing out specifics of what was "off" in there would be asking for trouble. Maybe this is simplest: The problems there would require more power to make easier than I, as a de facto part-timer, ever would have had in there. By the last several months I was an employee at that place, I was more likely to vent to sympathetic co-workers. For reasons I won't go into, they said this a lot: "I don't know how you do it." Because they knew my job would make them even more nuts than it made me. That's what I was dealing with until a month ago.

Now, as I continue to look (and also re-activate as a temp), it's a worry that I have to get past: will the next office I work in make me nuts? Am I expecting it to? And when I look back on my small town newspaper office as being the non-crazy office, the manageable one, the one where I felt most comfortable -- an office where I last worked TWELVE YEARS AGO -- I'm not liking my ratio of crazy offices to non-crazy offices.

Should I hope for manageably crazy? Am I more likely to find a job like that?

I'll find something. Better to have a job to deal with than to not have a job at all.
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