Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"The world is quiet here."

Great swaths of those who read this are at a convention right now through Monday. Bully for them.

For the rest of you, here's a very basic what's up for this one guy:

  • Didn't get called back for tonight's shift. Good thing I didn't take for granted that I'd be back. And I'll hope this was for fluctuating need for workers, because if I wasn't brought back because of performance and no one told me that, there's not much I can do to correct that, right?

  • Doing online testing that's job hunt-related. Occasionally I want to rage against unclear writing in that test. I also want to rage against my tendency to over-think things, which is also messing with my score.

  • Vague Bullet Point Is Vague: My name's been invoked online in a place that annoys me. No I'm not naming it or linking it. And any complaining I do would make it look like I have no sense of humor. Which, admittedly, I sometimes don't have.

  • I love that I have friends with whom I can make sick, awful jokes about ________________. Hey, if you feel like filling in that blank, go for it!

    (For the record, said friend and I were joking about improper uses for placenta and umbilical cords.)

  • Trying to be useful. Trying to be useful. Trying to be useful...
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