Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A purely functional post

Hm. I know my LJ's going to be sparse this weekend because so many people I read are at Arisia, the convention in Boston, but my Friends' List is only sporadically updating. This morning hughcasey added an entry, and it didn't show up on my Friends' List; I only saw it when Hugh directly linked to it on Facebook. (His profile page claims his blog was last updated last year, so something's not updating.)

I hope you can read this. If you can't, obviously you won't know, and neither will I.


A few minutes later: And now an entry from therealljidol showed up on my Friends' List then disappeared from it. Huh. Nothing in LJ Support yet about FL wonkiness. I'll see if this keeps happening.

I hope the last edit: A little later, I saw that LJ Support had gotten a few reports of this problem (I added a note to say "Yep. Mine too."). Soon after that, Hugh's entry appeared, other, newer ones went up and the LJ Idol post reappeared. Here's hoping the issue is past.

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