Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It always helps

Yesterday was the first time since I got fired that I was working down near my former office.

I worked for nine hours and had an hour's lunch, never more than three blocks from the art store I was helping to dismantle, which meant I also stayed close to the Fox Tower for 10 hours. And in that time, during breaks, I ran into two former co-workers.

Luckily, they were people I didn't mind running into.

Both times were quick "hi" and "how you doing?" encounters, nothing in-depth -- one or both of us were walking somewhere each time -- but I'll admit, the insecure parts of my mind kept wondering if people I've worked with before would want to say "hi" and "how you doing?" to me. The first run-in, I was sitting just outside the closet-sized Pizza Schmizza in the side of the Fox Tower when one particular higher-up at my former office walked past. I wondered if I should engage, say "hi" ...and worried that he wouldn't acknowledge me. But then he did say "hello," and I greeted him back.

Another reminder that, despite what happened, I can still feel decent about the people I used to work with. I prefer that. And it helps to be reminded that I still, overall, made good impressions on others.

Had I run into certain other people from that office...admittedly, I would've been less likely to engage. Certain of them, I'd probably have to really bite my tongue. All I'll add is, none of the people I used to work with who I've since re-connected to are in my former department.
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