Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This I'll also repeat:

Don't be a dick.

Don't be a dick.

Wil Wheaton says "Don't be a dick." I do, too.

There was something I've wanted to write. I thought it was a critique of someone. I've realized I could have written it about someone else, who fits the critique more -- but who I would not have written it about, as this someone else, in my experience, can go after all critiques with the argumentative equivalent of an elephant gun. The first person: doesn't. The first person: an easier target. And I would've been a dick had I gone after the easier target. Also a coward.

I don't want to be a coward.

And I prefer not to be a dick.

(Neither person I'm talking about likely reads this, though they'd perhaps hear about it.)

There. That thing I was thinking of writing, it won't get written.

What needs to be written? I hope I write it. And not as either a coward or a dick.

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