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Still getting industrial work as my current, temporary work. So when I've worked, it's in a cavernous, forklift-filled cave where I, and many other people in jeans and T-shirts or flannel, schlep stuff. One big project lately: sorting through a mailing that has five books, papers and forms in a plastic bag; we have to open those bags, get rid of the mailing-label sheet, and separate out the other pieces because one pamphlet in this mailing has a key misspelling in a bit of legalese. The lawyer who wrote that screwed up. The major company apparently found out about the misspelling after it had started mailing out this mailing. We're mitigating the damage from that.

(Can I imagine that whenever a lawyer screws something up, Sam Waterston's character on Law & Order chews him out? Or maybe I should give that job chewing them out to my lawyer friend Tarah?)

I've been schlepping, then stacking on pallets, the book-size catalog that's part of this mailing. (This prompted me when we were almost done loading a pallet today to say "We only has 133 books to go!") Maybe -- maybe, maybe -- this is increasing my upper body strength. I'll hope. Along with the handling of large stacks of large papers, which I still do sometimes at this bindery where I've been temping. Guess what? This job also involves sweat. Which usually only happens metaphorically when you work in an office. So I smell...different than I usually do.

After work today, I went to an art show opening. Local artist Carolyn Main (I'll err on the side of caution and say that page is Not Safe For Work, but for reasons that are good and happy and funny) just opened her first solo show, at Sequential Art Gallery, which is run by a couple of good people I know. I asked on Facebook an (I think) important question: what if I'm smelly? I also promised to air out as much as I could in the few hours between the end of my work shift and when the show started. Main said, "Just don't have stink lines!"

I did what I could on that score. If I was too smelly at Sequential Art tonight, no one said anything.

Had anyone said anything, I could've said Main's art made me sweaty.
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