Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How my mind works

Industrial places, like the bindery where I've been temping, make interesting noises. For example, the machine that seals up poly bags for mailers has this cool alarm. (Not as cool as the printing press one room over that, at one point during its operational cycle, plays "Itsy-Bitsy Spider." Don't ask me why.) The alarm on the poly-bagger reminded me of that sound at the start of Moby's song "Extreme Ways," which plays at the end of at least The Bourne Ultimatum and I think the two other Bourne films. It's this (video has spoilers for the series).

Listening to that alarm, I thought about the job I was doing today, where I was one of several people who'd wait to get a bundle of mailers, put them in a large postal mail bag, then seal the bag and put the bag on a pallet. We'd then run back to the other end to do this again.

I thought, I would stand in line for this!
Tags: work

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