Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Here is my mind. Here is my mind. Here is my mind.

What's an often surprisingly apropos way to describe how random my mind and thinking are? This:

That's the song "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches. By the way, per Wikipedia,

The song is a mix of audio samples of music, dialogue and sound effects. The primary music samples consist of the main choir and organ sample from the Enoch Light recording "My Way of Life"; a sample from Maurice Jarre's "Overture" for the 1962 film, Lawrence of Arabia; drums from Harvey Mandel's 1968 "Wade in the Water;" and the guitar from Flo Sandon's' 1951 "El Negro Zumbon."

The track's opening dialogue was taken from the 1981 John Waters film Polyester. Samples from comedians Wayne and Shuster's routine "Frontier Psychiatrist" serve as the chorus, and edits from both "I Was a TV Addict" and "A Shakespearean Baseball Game" from the same duo are included in the song. Samples from three routines by comedian Flip Wilson are used, "Cowboys & Colored People", "Midget" and "Riot Suit." In addition to a sample from the 1989 movie The Burbs, the song also features samples from 37 "spoken word" records, including a golf instructional, as well as Christianity albums and "Reading For The Blind" tapes.

The horse neigh is from the 1970 Mel and Tim song, "Good Guys Only Win In The Movies."

Group member Robbie Chater explained in an interview with Pitchfork Media that this track "was a good example of something we didn't plan and just happened from us just fucking around."

Yet another example: as I thought about this band, I then thought There isn't any place in Australia that can have avalanches, is there?
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