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Ridin' the rails

Hi. I'm alive.

Basic entertainment this afternoon: walk to a bus, bus to a Max light-rail station, ride trains. Swung out on the #19 bus through SE Portland to the Green Line that runs from downtown to Clackamas Town Center, and rode that train and a Red Line train to the airport. Walked the airport, saw the relatively sparse crowds at the time (except for at security), then got back on a train in time to keep using the transfer I'd gotten earlier. Carried and read John Scalzi's novel The Last Colony while doing so. Different scenery, a new (to me) book, chances to walk, and reminders that it's not yet really warm enough to wear the smaller socks I have on right now. (Also, it was windier than I was expecting. Not enough to blow me away, but I kept well-bundled.)

Also managed not to buy anything while out; the TriMet ticket was already paid for, and only needed a 30-cent upgrade for the riding I wanted.

Not as exciting as my walk yesterday, after work, when I wound up going past the Portland Police Department's Mounted Patrol stables. Saw a horse being led around. Wished I had my camera.

It's probably good I didn't see a horse of any kind on the trains today.
Tags: peregrinations

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