Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This HAS been an interesting life so far.

In my life:

I've talked with two astronauts: one in person for a newspaper interview, one on the phone for purposes related to my former job.

I've seen a Russian MiG pilot and his son get a guided tour of the National Air & Space Museum's Star Trek: The Exhibition. That was in 1992.

I've seen the Apollo 11 astronauts at the 20th anniversary of their landing, also at the Air & Space Museum. (Specifically, the plaza north of the museum; the plaza was closed off and I'd had to go through security. I was one of the last people let in to the event.)

I think I've seen at least one UFO. At least it was unidentified to me. Can that count?

I've had a phone conversation with a major film composer while I was only partially clothed. (That, however, does not beat Berkeley "Bloom County" Breathed getting out of the shower to answer the phone and finding himself, while dripping and towel-clad, talking to then-President Ronald Reagan.)

I've...what else? Oh, I guess I need to keep doing MORE STUFF.

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