Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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Thinking of you, blubeagle and shadesong

Today, two of my e-friends head to the hospital.

blubeagle is headed to Cleveland for a CT scan. shadesong is headed to an Atlanta hospital, for an intensive study of her brain. (She's described her brain issues in great detail on her journal, so I won't try to paraphrase. If you want to know, click on shadesong's name.)

Meanwhile, I have a request...

Forces That Be? Yeah, I'm talking to all y'all. Protect their brains, OK? Keep them good, strong, working brains. Also, let their bodies and their brains be on speaking terms; make sure they keep working together. To quote The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (one of my favorite films of my life), "Their heads and their bodies don't always see eye to eye..."

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