Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Random image generator

Indeed my dream-self thinks up these images:

This is from a 1990s dream. It was very vivid, vivid enough that I remember it all these years later. (I can still remember images from some 1980s dreams.) In the dream, I'm looking at a painting that's part of a TV show credits montage, a montage playing slowly. The painting is of two children, having a picnic. They are picnicking in a green, grassy and flowery field next to a canyon. Inside the canyon? Neptune. Huge, round, blue. The kids are paused in the act of waving to it. Waving to a planet. Waving to something which wouldn't be there. I almost wrote "shouldn't," but surrealism allows such images. And my dreams allow surrealism.

What do your dreams allow?
Tags: dreams

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