Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dream-Me needs to help animals

Dream-sad is still sad. Evidence of that: how, in my dream last night, I and many people were in a house my family used to have, where a dog was giving birth to puppies. I was given one of the tiny, tiny puppies to clean up and keep wrapped in a blanket, and I did so for the squirming little one -- guy, gal, I'm not sure -- until I looked down into the blanket in my hands and there was no puppy. Frantic looking didn't find the puppy again: not with the puppy's mom, not anywhere. The people with me seemed not overly concerned with the puppy's disappareance -- oh, it's around, you'll find it -- or how it disappeared right out from my hand. Me, I was thinking poor thing and feeling that I'd let the little one down.

Do I need to ask my subconscious to let me have happy dreams? Those are nice.
Tags: dreams

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