Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Mm-hmm! That's good numbing!

Sadly, I don't have the (apparently) perfect teeth of Mr. Alan Rickman over there to the left, but my teeth are in pretty solid shape. That's because, except for an early-21st century lapse for a few years, I've been a dutiful go-to-the-dentist-er. That's something my parents drilled (sorry) into me and T.J. growing up.

Had an X-ray appointment and cleaning last week and a follow-up appointment today, to cap a fracture that had developed over time. As my dentist explained it, it was a weak spot that had the potential to become a cavity, so capping it now should head off that problem. It's worth it to me to have teeth, so I went in today (here's to a day off, huh?) to take care of it.

At least one embarrassing photo of me was taken, using a wand-mounted camera that can fit into a mouth. No, you won't see it (but I was bemusedly tempted to ask the dentist "Could you email that to me?"), but imagine me trying to open wide post-localized numbing, thanks to the injection the dentist had given me a couple of minutes before. Also I was trying to smile (awkwardly) while tired. Nnnnnnnnot the most flattering picture ever taken of me.

But the work, I'm really glad to say, went fine. I definitely was numbed enough; I keep worrying that I won't get dosed enough, but as far as I know that's yet to happen to me; it has to people I know and love, though, and I've cringed in sympathy. There was no smoke, either (thank you, Bill Cosby, for making me think that was possible). The dentist also let me know a bit of what he was doing. Knowledge is power. As well as the thought Whoa: I'm not feeling THAT?

I should be non-numb by lunch, which I am cleared to have. I checked to ask. T'would suck to bit into something and have the filling stuff come off.

And now not to think about my teeth beyond my usual good regimen of mouthwash, toothpaste and floss for the next six months...and trust me, I am good about that (thanks again, Mom and Dad)...

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