Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My smile is a satisfied smile

Thanks and props to my cook friend Gerald, who had a spare ticket to the Portland Timbers-Chivas Real pre-season game and invited me down to it. My third Timbers game: the first was a minor-league game in 2010, the second was a friendly against West Bromwich (from near Birmingham, England) last year that ended in a Timbers loss, and this time -- yes! (for certain values of "yes!") -- a 1-1 draw. We yelled, chanted, drank beer (actually given to us free by a nice woman who spilled her drink on Gerald's coat and seat; we thanked her strongly for her apology, because hey, beer) and cheered. My voice isn't wrecked from this, either, so that's another win. (Though maybe I'm sounding a little like Dr. House right now, so it's slightly wrecked...but lots of women find his voice sexy, so...)

Now I hope to see a true win at Jeld-Wen Field. Do it, Timbers! You can!
Tags: sport!

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