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Tidbits from today's travels:

  • I drove farther for groceries this morning than usual, because I'd decided to treat myself to doughnuts and coffee at the Clackamas Krispy Kreme. Another reason the trip was worth it was seeing the middle-class station wagon ahead of me that had the bumper sticker THIS AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND, MAN.

  • After Krispy Kreme, then after filling up the car with gas at the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer gas station, I drove over to a parking spot. Didn't put on my seat-belt. Felt very naked. Whoa, I thought. People used to do this habitually. A lot of them felt it infringed on their rights if they couldn't do this. I completely missed that era. I'm glad.

  • That was the only driving I did. Busing and walking served me well again the rest of the day, which has been gorgeous and almost warm. I got to the Hollywood neighborhood, then weaved through neighborhoods from there, reading docbrite's short novel D*U*C*K. More tidbits:

  • Walked past a photo shoot right outside the Hollywood Library. No idea for what.

  • Did Good, But In A Slightly Passive-Aggressive Way Department: While a pickup was stopped in a line of traffic in front of a red light, the passenger-side rider opened the door and dumped a clear plastic Jack In the Box shake cup. I rolled my eyes. As the pickup pulled away, I walked up, picked up the cup, and carried it to the nearest trash can on the sidewalk. I said with no one to hear, but directed at that person, "Wow, are you a dumbass." I also wished I'd had the cojones that Gaspar had in Harlan Ellison's story "Paladin of the Lost Hour." A driver at a light throws his cigarette out the window; Gaspar picks up the lit cigarette, tells the driver "I think you dropped this in our living room," and throws it back into the car, into the back passenger seat where it starts a small fire. THAT takes stones. And, of course, is in a story.

  • Pushed a button to get a Walk signal. The Walk signal has a voice, which said "Wait." I added "'til I come back to your side -- we'll forget those tears we cried..."

  • I finally got to my last bus of the afternoon at SE 50th and Powell. (On the somewhat winding route I took from Hollywood, that's about a three-mile walk. I had more time and leg strength than money.) My last 20 blocks of that ride was with a crowd of grade school-age, VERY enthusiastic soccer fans headed downtown to the Timbers match at Jeld-Wen Field. Good energy, if threatening to spill over into annoying energy because there was so much of it in that tight space. When I got off the bus at Milwaukie and Powell, I called out "Enjoy the match!" Feed the enthusiasm.

    Now home, and with most of the windows open. It's still a good, comfortable day for that.
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