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Maybe possibly I should apologize to Cort and Fatboy. They mentioned on Monday's show that blog entries from people who'd attended the most recent Midnight Movie last Friday, Enter the Dragon (the first Bruce Lee film they've ever shown) were really happy with the show.

I hadn't blogged about it. Not even to preview it.

The thing is, I got worried any blog entry I wrote about it would boil down to "I saw Enter the Dragon. It was AWESOME." I didn't feel like I had much to add.

This has been true ever since I was writing lots for the Hermiston Herald newspaper in the 1990s, including movie reviews and related columns: sometimes I get overly worried that I'm repeating myself. Or not saying much. Or, to put it another way, that I'd turn into Chris Farley of The Chris Farley Show:

I'm probably oversensitive to that, of course. This is me acknowledging my writing hang-up. In the past I've reacted by taking breaks; this time I don't feel like I need to do that. YOU CAN'T SHUT ME UP. (Ahem. Didn't mean to have that come out harsh. Heh.)

I'll try to stay thoughtful and interesting. I hope I'm doing better at that than I was feeling like I was doing.

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