Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

You can recreate my day today by watching Grimm and Leverage

Two-hour work days are always odd work days, no matter what.

Anyway! I wound up with my liberty card punched, so to speak, and bright sunlight to enjoy it in, so enjoy it I did. Except for about an hour in the library, but there was plenty of sun on both sides of that side trip.

Also did a mix of intentional and accidental TV-show-filming touring. About 7:30 this morning when I was walking from the job to downtown for an errand, I saw what I assume was a Grimm film crew preparing for the day. Likely that NW 14th and Pettygrove will be a crime scene later this season.

The one intentional filming location I ran into was between the Central Library and Jeld-Wen Field, where the Portland Timbers and PSU Vikings Football play: the building used as the front of John McRory's, the Boston bar on Leverage, at least until the end of Season 4 when the show's characters relocated to Portland. (Leverage has shot in Portland since Season 2. My Northeast friends who are fans of the show are often amused at how badly it matches up with Boston.) The red brick building's at SW 16th and Morrison on the MAX line. The stairway down to the building's real basement, and to the bar in the world of the show, has plywood over it. I wonder if over the past couple of years people really tried getting to John McRory's that way.

My morning also included not only visiting Lisa Wood at Big-Ass Sandwiches, but also Brian Wood at his other current job. Lisa let me know where Brian and others are preparing a new eatery/venue that should open in Old Town/Chinatown (a few blocks from the restored Hung Far Low sign*) in a few months, and I had time so I said hi. Brian's duties include designing the new eatery's menu. He's also been over at the space, gutting parts of it and doing deep cleaning, which the venue greatly needed. He's excited about the eatery's kitchen; he's been a chef for years, and he says it'll be the largest kitchen he's ever worked in.

And after I left the space and let Brian get back to work, I walked around a corner and realized I'd walked onto a street used in the most recent episode of Grimm to air. I recognized business signs, including a distinctive gentleman's club sign that you can sort of see in the episode. Hey, it's Portland.

* Before it was first taken down (as the bar had relocated to deep Southeast Portland), the Hung Far Low sign had had the word at bottom, COCKTAILS, partly covered so the sign read "Hung Far Low Cock." Someone once saw that and commented "Shakespeare would've been proud."
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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