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Maybe I have gotten -- and kept -- a new skill: the ability to write trivia questions. As I need more skills, I applaud this.

A while after quitting my attempt to write questions for Geek Trivia, which Cort and Fatboy have been hosting at the Kennedy School for sponsor Things From Another World, I'm still wondering whether geeky factoids I recall can be repurposed as questions. I just won't submit them to the hosts, because I do want the option to play, if I'm so moved. (I attended Round 1 of this week's Geek Trivia, but didn't play and left at the start of Round 2 so I'd get home earlier. My most recent times playing, I've played solo.) I'm a long way from, if ever, writing questions for an actual trivia contest, but maybe... (he continued to ponder...)

Part of the challenge initially was not just writing the questions, but writing them in passing imitation of the over-the-top, often profane way Cort and Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts write many of their questions. That was an interesting exercise on its own, and I find myself still wanting to do that, when I should try harder to sound like me (as all writers should). This next question I pondered would need some more re-writing to sound more like me:

One of the categories in Geek Trivia is a version of "True or False" called "Truth or Poop?" (Fear not, my fellow profanity appreciators, the hosts swear plenty of other times in the show.) Bobby tells the players something outlandish; they must guess whether the outlandish thing happened in the world or only happened in someone's mind. I wanted to write a "Truth or Poop?" question where one would play this song...

La la la la LA la la...
La la la la LA la la...
Do you know how Christmas trees are grown?
They need sunshine
Sunshine can't grow Christmas trees alone
They need raindrops
Raindrops can't grow Christmas trees, here's the reason why
In the winter rain will freeze, and the trees will die

...then say "This slice of musical cheese was written for a James Bond film. Am I full of truth, or full of poop?"

And that person would be full of truth:

But, to borrow one of the questions Bobby told last Tuesday, the answer to THIS "Truth or Poop" was poop: that, as a joke, Walt Disney was commissioned to draw a cartoon for John F. Kennedy of Mickey Mouse in bed with Marilyn Monroe. Bobby said, "I made that up." Cort said, "But Disney's making that film now."

Question everything. Oo, that makes it sound ominous, when all I meant was "questions can be about anything." (Or did I mean more than that?) Not only can it be a skill, it can, like for local host Polly Pospisil, be her source of income. (Disclaimer: I WILL NOT be competing with her!)

And that was an entry about questioning.
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