Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The word for the day is "groovy"

Yay! People at Powell’s Books just thanked me nicely. Recently I dropped off extra photos of the crowd of my fellow geeks waiting to meet Bruce Campbell, Oregon’s greatest living B-actor, in July 2001. I found the prints last year during my months-long purge of my photo collection. (I need to have less stuff!) Not wanting to throw them away, I passed them along.

And Powell’s people thanked me with a nice letter and $10 worth of gift cards. Oh. My. Yes.

I’ve long liked the place. I love that the elevator nearest the science fiction section makes this great science fictional whooshing sound, and that there’s a Neil Gaiman sketch of Morpheus on a pillar, and that the Star Trek section has photos on the wall of Kirk and Khan with tongue-in-cheek word balloons, and that I met my fellow aspiring writers in the café during November 2002’s National Novel Writing Month. I’ve spent much time in this place. I even remember the first book I ever bought there: Loose Tails, the first "Bloom County" collection.

This is me geeking out. Live with it. :-)
Tags: books, portland, star trek

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