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Put a slice on it!

Some Portlander must, must, must find a way to make a workable edible tie.

What about a pizza tie?

After all, we're all about reusing and recycling here. It'd be food, and it'd be close, like a gift you're waiting to get. Like a tasty promise! And edible food should extend beyond edible underwear.

We get stained with pizza anyway; this way, we'd do it fashionably!

It'd be another way to use cold pizza. And maybe, for partners, a nice way to share. Get close with pizza, like the pasta-eating in Lady and the Tramp. Rawr.

Inspired by this online conversation:
Me: It's THAT easy to make me crave pizza?
Gerald: You should always have a mild hankering for a slice.
Me: As long as I'm not hankering to use a slice like a pillow or a tie or something.
Gerald: Pizza tie. You could have a future in Portland fashion.
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