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The walk is a gift

This is one of my pleasures: wandering my town.

I got out of my apartment early today for a blood donation; I started early and finished that donation just barely after my original appointment time. Breakfast (a quesadilla with a cup of salmon bisque soup) at the North Mississippi Cup & Saucer Cafe followed, then a thought: why not library time? So a bus to downtown it was. After that...

...and a few minutes waiting to see if an SUV driver parked on Max tracks next to the library was actually going to move or have a Max train move him for him, but I digress (plus the driver eventually moved once the Max train was about three blocks behind him, and drove slooooooooooooowly down the block to the next left turn, so maybe he was having a mechanical problem, but I'm still digressing)...

...I got a Why not? thought in my head. And I walked just to walk, trying to go on downtown blocks that I don't usually go to. Walked up the hump of SW 12th's bridge over I-405; that's kind of a high bridge. Decided against a several story-high staircase up the hill just south of the freeway, and found another (down) staircase that was more my speed.

I then supplemented my walking by getting to a Route 8 bus stop, because why not go to OHSU? Cool campus with cool views, and I should know, I worked there from fall 2004 to summer 2008, plus you can ride the tram off of the hill down to South Waterfront for free. (Another cool, more specific thing: the tram usually doesn't run Sundays, but tomorrow it will for the Shamrock Run.) I sat near windows in the Kohler Pavilion, near the tram station, and read.

So, it was a sort of a lazy day. I mean, walking isn't that strenuous, except in The Long Walk. But I'm incrementally more ready for there to be a Long Walk.

This, by the way, will probably be the last nice-weather day in Portland for a bit: dry with cloud breaks, but soon those clouds will break out the rain. So! This was a good walking day.
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