Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Takin' it easy. Takin' it easy.

Oh, so THAT is what a headache feels like.

I exaggerate. I rarely get headaches, so because of the one I got today for some reason, I'm being careful. Painkiller (I made sure tell Twitter that the painkiller was not whiskey), a simple dinner of ramen, maybe a shower before bed, and an early night of it, if all goes well.

Plus today was a long day at work (9.5 hours) and I would not be surprised if tomorrow is a long day, too. One particular client's mailings often equal longer days, and hey, that's pay. And if so, I want to be more ready for it and not headache-y.

How have I never had a massage? I need to correct that (and I have options for doing so).

Take care of yourself, and each other. (Jerry Springer does sometimes say something worthwhile, after all.)

8:27 p.m. edit: Headache is lessened considerably. I am pleased (and still aiming to be in bed extra early).

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