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I have a spider loft.

This entry is written with spider fancier aoniedesade in mind:

A while ago, I noticed something small and translucent in the corner where the kitchen ceiling and the wall meet, above the window above my sink. Couldn’t tell what it was, as my ceilings are high; I couldn’t even really see a shape. But sometimes when I was at my computer (like I am now, but of course) it would look darker. Then, next time I’d look, it’d be back to its near-invisible state.

Then one night I was working in the kitchen when I saw a spider crawling along that edge, having appeared seemingly from nowhere (which spiders are good at), and it walked along. And it entered the translucent thing. And then stayed there.

I then figured out part of what was happening, though I actually wondered briefly, “It’s stuck?” Can spiders get stuck in other spiders’ webs? Hmm. But later, I looked and – voila! – no spider. So it wasn’t stuck. It was just hanging out. Almost literally.

A spider loft. I think that’s cute.
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