Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Leverage run-in

There'll be a Season 5 episode of Leverage involving a bunch of nice cars parked in a rain-soaked plaza. I know this because this afternoon I had to avoid being in the background of a shot involving said parked cars.

The shoot was at Portland State University's Urban Center and Plaza, which the Streetcar runs through and buses run past, and I'd gotten off a bus from work to make an ATM stop; the ATM I use there gives out money in $10 increments, and $30 was what I wanted. The 5th Avenue bus stop is on one side of the plaza; the ATM's on the other. I first -- dumb me -- almost walked where a Streetcar was about to enter the plaza, but the driver rang the Streetcar's bell, and I avoided making the news (and I said to the driver "Sorry"). Then when I was clear and starting to go again, a couple of production assistants spoke, and it took me a moment to realize they were speaking to me. I didn't understand what they were asking for at first, so I said "I didn't hear." They needed several seconds at a time of no one in that particular part of the background, but they didn't (maybe couldn't) give me an ETA for when I could cross. A little frustrating, since I was SO CLOSE to where I needed to be, but the shot didn't take long and then the assistants waved me along. I reached the ATM, got money, and waited within earshot of another assistant until another take was done and I could get back to the bus stop. Shots were done quickly, for what it's worth, and I appreciated the efficiency, especially since that meant I could head home!

It's been raining today -- in outlying areas it snowed -- so the scene's going to be one of the wetter-weather episodes of Leverage, especially if the show's been location-shooting the past few days. With Leverage now set in Portland as well as shot here, it's like Portland's leveling up: I get to play myself more! Woot! Let's really show those Angelenos how rainy I can be!

Mmmmmmmaybe the episode's the return of Bill Engvall's character from Season 3, but that's just my wild-assed guess based on the cars. Whatever happens in it, I trust the show runners to have come up with something fun.
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